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Are my messages stored on your servers?

No. Your audio message is only transferred to our servers for processing and is later uploaded to your Slack team (as any other file upload). After that, we delete the audio file from our servers.

How does Speech-to-Text work?

We use Google Cloud Platforms technology, which means you'll have available state-of-the-art speech recognition software. After we upload the audio back to your Slack, we post the audio transcription as a comment on the audio file.

Do you always send the audio transcription (Speech-to-Text)?

No. The user can select after recording the audio if he wishes to also send the transcription.

Why do you need permission to 'Upload file' and 'Send message' on Slack?

Upload file: after you record your audio we will upload it to the user/channel you requested.
Send message: if you enable Speech-to-Text, we will send this text as a reply to the uploaded file.

I'm still confused with your pricing

Maybe an example can help clarify: Your Slack team has 20 people but only 5 have sent audio messages. In total, 10 minutes of speech-to-text was used. So total charges are 5x$1 + 10x$0.1 = $6

How am I billed?

On a monthly basis. You're charged for what was used by your Slack team on the last month.

Am I charged for the total number of users on my Slack team?

No. We only charge you for those users who send an audio at any point during the billing cycle.

Can I cancel in the middle of the month?

Sure! We'll just send you one last invoice with whatever has been used by your Slack team up to that day of the month.

Which browsers can I use?

We currently support most browsers in their latest versions: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari iOS, Chrome Mobile (for Android).

Still have questions?

We're happy to help. Just send an email to tech@recordfy.co and we'll answer ASAP.